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Wedding Necklace: How to Find the Best One


Wedding Necklace: Tips to Choose the Right One

The bride's dress on the wedding day contains many details that should be combined well into one ensemble. Each element has its own purpose and function. Jewelry plays a great role in the bride’s outfit. Tiara, earrings, bracelet, and necklace—these accessories complement the bride's dress and give her look chic and elegant. A wedding necklace draws attention to the neckline. It emphasizes the elegance of the neck and impresses the guests.

The Options to Consider

Inspired by the muse, jewelers are doing a tremendous job and making unique jewelry for the brides. Using materials such as fabric, lace, metals, stones, rhinestones, beads, and feathers, they create a variety of shapes and styles of necklaces, ranging from avant-garde to minimalism. Jewelers are trying to make each piece original and unique. Such a variety of beautiful jewelry will turn heads of all brides. In order not to get lost, follow your personal preferences and style when choosing a necklace.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are a symbol of purity and innocence so they have become a classic among wedding accessories. Pearls have been in demand for centuries, captivating women with their beauty. A thin pearl thread gently enveloping the neck or multi-layered compositions decorated with a brooch—any option will emphasize the elegance of the bride. When choosing a necklace for the outfit, consider that there are pearls of all shades (snow-white, pink, blue, gray, and even black).

Decorated with Stones or Swarovski Crystals

Jewelry in vintage style decorated with precious stones is extremely popular. Diamonds in the wedding necklace will amaze others with its beauty shimmering in any light. As an alternative, a bride can use Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, or rhinestones, which will fit the modern concept of minimalism, avant-garde, or pop art perfectly.

Wedding Necklace with Flowers

Floral motifs are often present in the elements of the bride's jewelry, and a floral necklace will provide the bride’s look with additional freshness and tenderness. Exquisite orchids, delicate lilies, and luxurious roses combined into a single unit will create a stunning composition for the bride. Flowers can be made of polymer clay, metal, lace, and beads combined in a necklace with pearls, fabric, and rhinestones.


There are no women, who would not look stunning wearing a necklace of beads. An openwork weave decorated with semi-precious stones will create an airy look of the bride. Beads have many shades, which helps to "add color" to the bride’s outfit. When choosing a necklace, keep in mind that it should be minimalistic if the dress is densely embroidered with rhinestones or beads. This type of bride jewelry is popular because it is so easy to customize, and later they will remind you of the beautiful wedding day.

How to Choose a Necklace for a Wedding Dress

The final note in the bridal outfit will be a necklace. The variety of types and styles of necklaces and materials that are used to create unique jewelry can confuse the already confused bride. To choose the right necklace and not waste too much time doing that, follow a few simple rules:

  • Choose a necklace so that it would part of the ensemble. It should not look as the main element of the look.
  • The necklace should match to style of the rest of accessories (earrings, rings, and bracelets).
  • The necklace must be chosen in accordance with the color of the dress.
  • Do not mix jewelry made of gold, silver, and other metals in one set.
  • Choose a necklace that you personally like. In this case, you will feel better wearing it and radiate happiness.

To implement these rules in practice, try on a necklace with a dress. You will immediately see whether they are suitable for each other. If you cannot do it, take a picture of your outfit or carefully remember all the elements of its decor. Special attention should be paid to the shape of the neckline, which plays a key role in the selection of jewelry:

  • "U"-shaped neckline. For this outfit, choose a necklace that tightly clasping the neck. A short semi-circular necklace would look great. This option will effectively emphasize the chest area.
  • Square neckline requires a simple necklace without complex elements. A string of pearls is the best choice for this type of dress.
  • "V"-shaped neckline can be accentuated with an accessory in the shape of the letter "Y" with a pendant. If the dress is bright, you should choose a necklace of short length that is fitting the neck.
  • If the neckline of the dress has the shape of a heart or you wear a strapless outfit, this dress will go well with any form of wedding necklace.
  • Asymmetrical neckline. This option does not require a necklace at all. It should be limited to earrings and bracelets.

Brides often choose handmade jewelry for their wedding ceremony. This is due to the fact that the girls want to invest their personality in the details to make it unique. Bride’s accessories are no exception. Why buy a necklace if you have the desire and the ability to make your own and custom one? The only one of its kind, this accessory will be a reflection of the creative personality of the bride. For the process of creating a necklace, people use a variety of beads, crystals, polymer clay, and the desire to create.

The right necklace will help to finish the outfit of the bride. A necklace of pearls, beads, beads, crystals, and precious stones will make its owner not just a bride, but a real Queen at her own ball. The main thing is to choose the right accessory.