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Wedding Earrings: How to Pick the Right Pair

Wedding Earrings and How to Choose Them

Creating a stylish wedding image of the bride is a real pleasure, but it takes a lot of time and effort. It is important not only to find the perfect dress but also to choose the right accessories and jewelry. An accessory that females often choose for a wedding is earrings, which you need to choose based on the shape of the face, the style of the bride and the personal preferences of the girl. So, how to choose earrings for a wedding celebration?

What to Look for When Choosing Earrings

At a wedding, earrings emphasize the beauty of the face making the look more expressive. Brides often wonder what to choose for a wedding: accessories made of precious metals or simpler jewelry? But do not be in a hurry to get the gold earrings, which were inherited from your grandmother. Modern designers create sets of exclusive jewelry made of beautiful and inexpensive materials that can outshine exquisite jewelry made of gold or platinum.

 It is a good idea to pay attention to those products that will bring comfort because the bride will have to spend all day wearing them. When buying jewelry, it is necessary to check its quality: the joints and the fixing of stones.

How to Choose Earrings

With the right choice, wedding earrings can become the main highlight of the look of the bride.


Things to consider are the following:

  • face shape;
  • eye color;
  • hair and skin tone;
  • the shade of wedding dress.

Girls with dark skin will look great wearing bronze earrings. Fair-skinned brides should give preference to platinum or silver. Blue-eyed brides should choose blue stones such as aventurine and sapphire. Brown-eyed girls and girls with green eyes should pay attention to the green stones like emerald, tourmaline, and jade. When choosing jewelry, it is important to consider the height of the bride. For example, shorter brides should give up on wearing long earrings as they can visually reduce their height. They should instead go for smaller accessories that slightly cover the earlobe.

Oval Face

The oval face is a gently rounded shape that is broad in cheeks and slightly tapering towards the chin and forehead. This is a classic type of face. These ladies can wear any form of jewelry. Before the wedding, the bride can conduct several experiments with different styles and decide, which earrings are the most suitable for her. She can wear oval earrings with pendants, long earrings, or bright teardrop-shaped accessories.

Triangular Shape

Earrings for the bride with a triangular face type should soften the oval of the chin, the lines of which are sharply narrowed starting from the forehead. Small round or oval accessories are perfect.


Girls with a square face type should pay attention to round earrings—elongated, with round pendants, or large ring earrings. They will soften the heavy lines of the chin and cheekbones making them visually smaller. These brides should avoid square small shapes and sharp corners, but otherwise, they can choose any style they like for a wedding.

Round or Elongated Face

For a wedding, girls with an elongated or round face will look great wearing either massive earrings or miniature drop-shaped ones, triangular pendants, oval, or rectangular accessories. They should avoid wearing round earrings that repeat the shape of the face. For chubby brides, elongated bead earrings are perfect. Not flat forms, only voluminous and three-dimensional shapes.

Criteria for Choosing Earrings

To look perfect at her wedding, a girl should pick up earrings according to her hairstyle.

With hair made up, a bride can demonstrate a set of long earrings and a necklace. Fine jewelry will make the look of the bride unique and attract more attention to it. If a bride prefers a classic look for a wedding, she should choose small earrings with pearls that will look perfect under long flowing curls or with a wedding hairstyle in the Greek style. For an ultra-modern haircut, a bride can choose large earrings, rings, or large jewelry of any geometric shape, which will look stylish in wedding pictures. 

For medium-length hair, ending at shoulder level, the girl can pick up earrings of any shape.

If the bride wants to visually lengthen her hair, it is a good idea to wear long accessories that end below the haircut line.

Combining Earrings with Other Types of Jewelry

A wedding is an important holiday and the triumph of the bride because all eyes are focused on her. But to make sure that jewelry does not spoil the overall look, a bride needs to carefully select all the elements of the dress, from shoes to earrings and other accessories. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion. If earrings chosen for the wedding are bright and flashy, the other accessories are not required.

 If the earrings for the wedding are small and simple, it will be acceptable to add some more details to the look such as a beautiful pendant on a chain and a bracelet of a suitable style.  

Some tips for combining earrings with other jewelry:

  • there is no need to combine different metals;
  • it is not necessary to wear massive jewelry;
  • earrings and jewelry at the wedding should be combined with the color of the stones.

On the wedding day, earrings should be special. Stylists recommend to choose them according to the bride’s age: young ladies are recommended to wear sparkling jewelry with crystals or rhinestones, and women should go for precious metals with stones. Properly selected earrings will help to create a unique look of the bride at the wedding combining beauty and tenderness.