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7 Trends of Wedding Jewelry


Bride’s Accessories: 7 Trends

Properly chosen accessories will help you create a complete look, demonstrate your style and even the concept of the wedding. Today we will name some trends for the bride's accessories.

A Hair Highlight

Hair accessories are something that almost every bride chooses to complete her look. Whatever your wedding hairstyle is, it will be even more special if you add an accent, a little detail. It could be:

  • Headband, barrette, or comb
  • A stylish hat or a veil
  • Fresh flowers
  • Chains or ethnic-style accessories
  • Crown or tiara

It is only important to choose the right accessory, which will look good with the rest of the outfit. Pearls can be combined with the exquisite classic or a charming vintage outfit. A chain woven into hair or a stylish tiara will complement the relaxed boho or Greek style as flowers or a wreath will be an excellent option for a light and romantic look. The absolute trend can be called boho accessories with various options for lace headbands.

A Girl's Best Friend

Wedding fashion is constantly changing, but there remains a trend for massive earrings that exquisitely accentuate the curve of the neck, a light wave of hair, and the dress details, or vice versa if the style is minimalistic. The material for earrings can be very diverse: from metals to ceramics. When choosing guided not only convenience, but also weight, volume, as well as the overall style of wedding dress.

Bracelets make a perfect combination with earrings of any type: thin or massive, wide or neat, simple or complicated pattern. When choosing a bracelet, it is important to consider the thickness of the wrist, the pattern on the bracelet, and the color of the metal. It is a good idea to try and combine it with other accessories in advance: earrings, wedding ring, or a comb in your hair.

 Hand-made accessories have a special charm to them. They do not have to be expensive. There is always a chance to order elegant items that have a symbolic meaning, for example, bracelets with the engraved date of the wedding or your names.

 Colored stones in jewelry are very popular. These rings and earrings will brighten any look. But do not forget that they do not only look massive so if you have never tried to wear such accessories, try them on at home in advance to get used to their weight.

Pearls Are Forever

Pearls are simple, but they are always great accessories for the classic look of the bride, whether used in earrings, bracelet, necklace, or ring. Simple minimalist or luxurious lush dress sparkles with new colors if you add a set of natural pearls to it.

The advantage of these accessories is their color scheme: bright white, noble ivory, pale pink, smoky, and even black options. For every taste and for any look, even the most extravagant one. You can add a few pearls to the bouquet to combine all the details of the look together.

A Little Cloud

A special trend in the image of the modern bride is a tulle veil of unreal sizes. Long, light, as if covering the bride completely, it will make your look gentle and romantic even if deep inside you are a lady with a strong personality.


These tulle clouds are suitable not only for the classic look in white but also for brides in the style of urban or boho: choose a veil of smoky gray, pale pink, dusty blue, light purple or marshmallow and light powder. This will help to create a very festive image, even if you choose not a lush dress.

Ethnic-Style Accessories

They are especially popular due to the styles of boho and indie. What amazing looks you can create with them! The bride at the boho wedding can choose even the simplest white sundress as her wedding attire if it is accompanied by jewelry with chains, feathers, and light laces.

Simply tying lace or inserting a pair of feathers in her hair, you can give a twist even the most classic image. Pay special attention to the very bright accessories: crowns of feathers or stones, or even Indian hats. And if for a wedding, such jewelry seems too bold for you, you can experiment with extravagant accessories on pre-wedding parties.

Show the Waist

The fashion includes fitted models of dresses, and all because the belt becomes a full part of the look of the bride. For belts, designers make exclusive collections. Belts are embroidered with glass beads and decorated with lace. They do not just complement the dress, but also emphasize the elegant female waist.

Materials for belts are also very different! It can be silk, satin, crepe tapes, even harnesses. It is important to take into account the type of dress and patterns on it. For example, a classic dress with a train can be accentuated with a belt with a small pattern of stones and neat rhinestones.

Alone with Nature

The beauty of the main woman of the day can be emphasized with a nice wreath of fresh flowers. It will look great with light curls and loose hairstyles. For a more classical look, add a couple of buds to the hairstyle instead of a wreath, and for an even more eco-friendly look, weave flowers along the entire length of the hair. However, when choosing fresh flowers, do not forget that they should be all the same.