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Bride's Accessories: Superstitions and Peculiarities


Superstitions and Peculiarities of Bride’s Jewelry

A wedding day for a woman is one of the most important ones in her life so she wants to be especially charming and attractive. To put in a simple way, the perfect bride.

The bride’s and the groom’s parents are especially worried about how the wedding will go. First of all, they try to follow traditions, pay attention to signs and other superstitions. After all, from their life experience, they want everything to turn out well and smoothly for the young couple so they try to make everything perfect. Many of them sincerely believe that such things as superstitions can really take away the troubles from a young family.

Jewelry Superstitions

There is a belief that the bride cannot wear jewelry. The idea behind it might be not to make guests envy or send negative energy towards the newlyweds. According to this superstition, the only jewel that should shine on the bride's hand is her wedding ring.

In addition, a popular rumor recommends no other rings (even very thin ones), except for the wedding ring on the day of the wedding itself.

Do not wear jewelry made of natural pearls, especially necklaces or beads. It is believed that pearls may cause tears. And not only at the wedding, but also in the future family life.

To get along well in the family, the bride should wear earrings of a girlfriend, who is happy in her marriage.

People believed that gold wedding rings can protect spouses from harm, envy, and all evil. And due to this reason, since ancient times, married people are supposed to wear them constantly without ever taking them off.

The groom is supposed to buy the rings, both at once. And when he brings wedding rings home, he should think about his happy future family life. This will help to live a long life together.

It is not recommended to use the parents’ rings or melt them to make your own. It is considered a bad omen if someone is getting married and put on a widow's ring. Such rings can transfer misery and misfortune from the former owners to the new ones.

If a wedding ring falls down during the ceremony, it is traditionally a bad sign. It predicts a quick separation or divorce. When the ring is taken off immediately after the wedding, it is said to draw misfortune to the life of the newlyweds.

There’s a long list of different superstitions, but are they all worth following? Young people should definitely decide for themselves whether to believe in them or not.

And now let's talk about how to choose the right jewelry for the bride. And to exclude all bad omens along the way.

What to Pay Attention To?

Jewelry should be bought when the wedding dress is ready. So, even if the dress, shoes, gloves, and veil are already there, the look is incomplete without jewelry. What accessories are suitable for wedding dress and hairstyle?

It is important to take all the details into account: eye color, skin tone, body type, the style of the dress, and even the shoes.

A short and fragile girl should not wear massive jewelry with large stones. She should pay attention to fine products such as small earrings, light tiaras, and thin chains.

A taller woman can wear more massive jewelry with stones of saturated colors. Although, she’s got to know when enough is enough. It will be enough to wear two large pieces of jewelry and one smaller accessory.

On brunettes, accessories with light stones would look great. On dark skin, they will shine especially brightly.

Delicate blondes look great wearing elegant jewelry with transparent stones matching their eye color.

Brides should not forget that a luxurious dress requires modest jewelry such as earrings, necklace, and tiara. If the dress is simple, without many decorations, bright accessories would be perfect.

Draw attention to the facial features. If they are small, the bride should in no case wear large products with bright stones. They will distract people from her face completely.

Hair Ornaments

Brilliant accessories in the bride's hair are always welcome. Therefore, tiaras and headbands with rhinestones are suitable for any outfit and hairstyle. They fix the veil perfectly.

When choosing a tiara, take into account the face shape of the girl. Tiara and hairpins should be chosen according to the bride’s taste of the bride.

Neck Accessories

The cutout in the shape of a heart can look great with a necklace of almost any shape. With an asymmetrical cut no pendants, necklaces, or beads should not be worn. The dress with straps will look nice with an accessory with small details. A dress with straps around the neck will look good with an elongated two-layer necklace.

Hand Accessories

If you follow the traditions, it is a good idea to only wear one accessory on your hands, which is the wedding ring. But on the wrist, you can wear a light bracelet. Massive jewelry is not for weddings. But a delicate chainrings with necklace and earrings is what you need. Of course, if the outfit is not finished with gloves.


Earrings are right next to the face of the bride so they should be chosen carefully and in accordance with the face shape and the hairstyle. Of course, they should match other accessories in materials, colors, and design.

An Easy Tip

When buying jewelry, do not forget that they should not be more interesting than the face and outfit of the bride. Jewelry should be all made of the same materials and balance the outfit and style of the bride.

A white dress is combined with jewelry of silver and pearls. With an outfit that is the color of champagne or cream gold jewelry goes well. And if the dress is simple, you can safely choose jewelry in different colors.

Choosing accessories, it is necessary to consider even the smallest moments to look perfect from shoes to tiaras. Then all the guests will be able to admire the beautiful bride, and she will feel the happiest.