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5 Steps to Choose Wedding Jewelry


Choosing Bride’s Jewelry: 5 Simple Steps

When it comes to the wedding and the bride, the first thing that comes to mind is the dress, isn’t it? Whatever it may be: white or black, classic or unusual, long or short. It does not create the look of the bride on its own because it only becomes the basis. Then what creates it? The dress goes with jewelry, which gives a certain character and style to the look. How to choose them correctly and what to pay attention to? Today we analyze 5 main steps on the way to the perfect accessories for your look and style!

Step 1. Dress Type: Neckline and Color

Once the dress becomes the basis of the look of the bride, this is exactly where the choice of accessories starts. Each type of dress is suitable for certain accessories, something goes extremely well with something else and creates a nice and balanced look. So, what are the main types of dresses? 

Off-the-shoulder dress or a dress with a heart-shaped neckline. If you want to focus on the shoulders and leave them open, then use large accessories that will help to draw attention to the shoulder area and the neckline. It can be a piece of large jewelry on a neck in combination with small earrings. The second option may be only long earrings that attract attention to both the neck and shoulders.

Square neckline. For this type, it is a good idea to choose a necklace, which will end just above the cut. The perfect option can also be a choker, which is still one of the most fashionable types of jewelry. If you still want a hanging accessory, you can go for a thin elegant chain or a more massive option (depending on your tastes and the look that you want to create).

Boat neckline. This type is both restrained and sexy so do not finish it with a variety of accessories. A simple necklace or pendant on a thin gold or silver chain will look perfect. In this case, be sure to choose earrings in addition that will make your look even more exciting.

Illusion of cut. There are those types of dresses that create an illusion and distort our impression about the cut lines and the shape of the dress. This is achieved due to the transparent inserts of tulle. Usually, the top of the dress with a transparent insert actually has a heart-shaped cutout. In this case, it is a good idea to not wear any accessories on the neck and use earrings with bright stones instead.

Hulter ("loop"). The most sensual type of dress. In this situation, the fewer accessories you choose, the better. You can go for a headband or a wreath.

Asymmetrical neckline. If you choose a dress with an unusual neckline, then this is what should be emphasized. Dress with an open back and a closed chest area? Choose accessories for the back. One shoulder dress? Compliment the asymmetry with accessories and a hairstyle balancing out the composition.

The Color of the Dress

The second determining parameter when choosing accessories to the look will be the color of your dress.

For a snow-white dress, jewelry made of silver and white gold would look great. It can be accompanied by pearl accents. This year pearls will play a dominant role in wedding looks all around the world as this is the number one trend! You can choose how long the pearl strings should be or choose a small and stylish choker.

Gold looks incredible with ivory dresses as it will emphasize the color in a beautiful way.

If you want to finish the look with yellow gold jewelry, polished silver, or jewelry with stones, your dress should definitely be the color of champagne. 

Many brides try to move away from traditions and choose colorful dresses. Some of them choose pastel shades, some make a choice in favor of bright and juicy colors. So, if you decide to choose a bright color for your dress, it is nice not to overload the look with accessories and go for classic elegance with platinum, diamonds, or gold.

Step 2. Keep the Time of Day in Mind

Another important detail that you need to consider when choosing jewelry for your look is the time of day in which the wedding ceremony and reception will take place. The wedding protocol gives recommendations on the look and the accessories that you need to choose. If the wedding takes place in the daytime, then, according to the rules of etiquette, you need to give preference to simpler accessories while evening events allow and even encourage more massive and noticeable details.

Step 3. Take Face Shape into Account

Each face has its own unique features, which can be emphasized or smoothed with hairstyles or jewelry. Creating your look, always consider not only your preferences but also what best suits your face and hairstyle.

For example, women with an elongated oval face should not wear long earrings. For chubby girls, as well as girls with large facial features long earrings would be perfect.

When choosing jewelry with stones, pay special attention to the color of the stone. It needs to go with your eye color or contrast it. For example, girls with blue eyes are not recommended to wear earrings with blue stones, as they can make the eyes look watery.

Step 4. Combination with Other Accessories

As always, we remind you that jewelry is only one part of the look of the bride. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, you should also take all the accessories you plan to wear into account. Experts say that the look should be balanced so try not to make it look heavy or overdone.

Step 5. Some Important Tips

The main thing that you should not forget is "less is more". In other words, do not overload your look because the main accessory of the bride is the bride herself. Let the accessories compliment your features to show your unique beauty.

The second important point is metal. Don't mix different types of it! If you have chosen yellow gold, then let the whole look be built on this choice. The same applies to other colors of gold, as well as silver and platinum. One metal for the whole look.