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Wedding Jewelry: Rules and Nuances


A wedding day is a special event in the life of any person. But girls are particularly anxious about their wedding. The bride wants to be perfect and dazzling so everything about her look should be carefully thought out.  Many modern brides finish their look with stylish jewelry. You only need to know how to choose the right jewelry that would go well with the dress, face shape, hair, and other important nuances.

Basic rules

When choosing jewelry, a girl, of course, should focus on her personal preferences. However, it does not hurt to listen to the recommendations of stylists.


Do not try to put on the entire "stock" of jewelry at once. The look of the bride should not resemble a Christmas tree.   


All selected jewelry should look well together and match the style of the dress.


Cheap jewelry is not good for a wedding look. It is a better idea to go without jewelry at all than to wear low-quality accessories.

Choosing a Necklace

A necklace is an accessory worn on the neck that should be selected in accordance with the general style of the wedding dress. To choose jewelry for a wedding dress, you need to pay attention to the shape of the neckline.


If you choose a dress with completely open shoulders, the choice of jewelry on the neck is almost unlimited. However, if the top and especially the neckline is richly decorated with rhinestones, the accessory should be small and elegant. In this case, a shining accent should be moved to the hairstyle.

Thin Straps

This outfit would look well with a thin chain with a pendant or a string of pearls.

V-Shaped Neckline

Jewelry for this dress should follow the shape of the cut. It means that the best choice would be a chain with a pendant in the form of a drop or a diamond. You can completely abandon the necklace replacing it with a spectacular brooch. The look will be unconventional and fresh.   

Loop-Shaped Strap

With this dress, you should not wear a necklace and opt for other types of jewelry.

Crew Neck

This form of neckline "requires" simple accessories, for example, a nice string of pearls.   

Heart-Shaped Neckline

For this dress, it is recommended to wear a light and elegant necklace.

Closed Neckline

If the dress has a stand-up collar, then the accessory on the neck should not be an option.   

Choosing Earrings

Earrings should be chosen with the shape of the face taken into account. Brides who have an oval-shaped face, have the majority of options to choose from. Chubby girls are recommended to wear long and narrow earrings. If the shape of the face is closer to the square, it is better to choose earrings resembling drops in shape, but jewelry in the form of rectangles and diamonds should be avoided.

The wedding hairstyle should be also taken into account when choosing earrings. If it will be loose curls, it is a good idea to wear earrings-poussettes. For hairstyles with hair made up, the perfect choice would be long earrings.

Hand Jewelry

Rings are not accepted. The only and the main accessory on the fingers this day should be the wedding ring. But bracelets can become a part of the wedding look. Of course, a bracelet is not a traditional wedding accessory, but it can fit well into the look if the bride chooses a sleeveless dress. Of course, the accessory on the hand should be in balance with other details of the look. The bracelet can be narrow or wide, rigid or with freely moving elements. On the right hand, you can wear a wide bracelet, which goes into the ring, worn on the middle finger. There are beautiful wide bracelets decorated with shining crystals. When choosing this accessory, it is necessary to pay attention to their quality. Crystals should be well fixed on the base, they should neither scratch the skin nor cling to clothes.

Bulk bracelets of pearls look great. This bracelet can be worn on a bare hand or on top of a glove.

Jewelry Sets

It is amazing if the jewelry for the wedding dress comes in a set.


Pearl jewelry is a classic choice for a wedding. A string of pearls and earrings-poussettes is a simple and elegant set that will fit almost any look.  For a dress with open shoulders, you may prefer a heavier pearl necklace. And if the outfit has a triangular neckline, it is nice to choose a chain with a pearl pendant. The color of the metal, in this case, should be chosen depending on the color of the dress. White metals are perfect for snow-white shades, and it is a good idea to choose yellow metal jewelry for warmer shades of white.  


Attractive jewelry with crystals under the light of the sun or lamps shined almost as bright as real diamonds. Therefore, necklaces and earrings with crystals are a great choice for a wedding. You just need to not overdo it with glitter. That means if the dress does not have a decor of rhinestones, jewelry with crystals will be appropriate. Otherwise, they will be clearly extra. In most cases, wedding jewelry is decorated with transparent crystals. This option is suitable for both white and colored wedding dresses. But if you choose a white dress with colored details, then jewelry with crystals is the best way to complete the look.

Almost Gold

Gold-ish jewelry looks exactly the same as the products made of the precious metal. The form of jewelry can be varied. Best of all, this jewelry is suitable for dresses in warmer colors: creamy, ivory, etc.

Handmade Jewelry

If the bride is not satisfied with standard sets of jewelry, she can order custom jewelry. And if the bride is talented, she will be able to make an exclusive wedding set for herself. The design of the set can be developed independently.

Hair Accessories

The range of such jewelry is very large. There is a variety of hairpins that are used not only for decoration but also to hold the hair in a certain hairstyle. And purely decorative details.  Buy hair ornaments should be bought only after the bride decided on their wedding look and type of hairstyle. At the same time, we must not forget about the rule of moderation. So, if you plan to wear a veil, too many hair ornaments will be clearly extra. It would be better to be limited to an elegant tiara. If there is no veil, and the hair is planned to be made in a bun, the perfect choice will be hairpins decorated with pearls or crystals. Hairstyles with loose curls can be decorated with a variety of hairpins with the addition of stones and flowers.

If the bride has a short haircut, her hair ornaments should be simple. A nice tiara with a veil would look great together. Look beautiful with short hairstyles headbands and ribbons.  Tips stylist for the choice of hair jewelry: To decorate hairstyles from short hair is not recommended to choose massive jewelry.