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How to Choose Wedding Jewelry


How to Choose Wedding Jewelry for the Bride

On the wedding day, everything should be perfect: the ceremony, photoshoot, wedding reception, the first dance of the couple. And, of course, the bride should be the most beautiful and magical lady of the day. Why? It's her day! But, unfortunately, in the pursuit of perfection and the desire to look the best, there is a risk to go extra.

Often wrong jewelry can be the reason for a bad wedding look. To choose the right jewelry, a girl needs to apply her artistic skills. To combine them with a wedding dress is, in general, a very delicate task. The problem is that the bride's outfit is usually so full of details: rhinestones, lace, embroidery, draperies, flowers that you can overdo it with jewelry and notice it only later on wedding photos.

The Main Rule of Choosing the Wedding Jewelry

It is very simple: the more details there are on the wedding dress, the more inconspicuous should the jewelry be. On the contrary, a simple open dress of smooth flowing fabric can be safely complemented with catchy earrings and bracelets. 

The style of the bride's jewelry also depends on her personal preferences. There are some recommendations, what jewelry will go with a particular wedding look.

Classic Style

If the wedding outfit has no accents towards any particular style, it can be called a classical one. What jewelry will be appropriate for this look?


For the classic style, gold and silver jewelry would work the best. The off-the-shoulder outfit can be complemented by elongated accessories. With a closed neckline and the hair up, you should choose small earrings with stones.


A dress with open shoulders or a deep neckline will look great with an elegant pendant on a thin chain. To balance the look, use neck accessories and earrings from one set. A wedding dress without embroidery and lace can be supplemented with a massive necklace. But in this case, try not to overload the look with massive earrings, go for smaller ones instead.


You can recognize the classical wedding look with the bare hands of the bride. No long sleeves or gloves. Therefore, the bracelet, drawing attention to the fragile wrist, will be very useful. A suitable thin string of pearls, a chain with inserts of stones or a narrow rigid accessory.

Hair Jewelry

The classic wedding look can be perfectly complemented with tiaras and hair straps. You can make any luxurious hairstyle with them. But be careful because if you decide to use such an accessory, you will have to give up wearing the necklace on your wedding day.

A Romantic Wedding Look

On such a romantic day, you want to look according to the situation. Working on your look, use lace, light and airy fabric, and flowers. The romantic look symbolizes femininity and tenderness. Such a bride is made to be showered with compliments and be carried in one’s arms. What kind of jewelry should a bride with a romantic style wear to her wedding?


A modest, small size accessories are ideal for a romantic look.


A tender accessory on the neck should not be massive. The romantic look usually implies a closed dress so the necklace is not always appropriate.

Hair Ornaments

Although this wedding style reminds brides of the classics, a tiara is not suitable for it. It is a better idea to decorate your hair with artificial flowers made of ribbons or beautiful hairpins.

The Greek Way

Now you can arrange a wedding in the Greek style, the main focus of which is a toga-styled wedding dress. By the way, this is one of the few looks of the bride that goes so well with gold jewelry.


Both small and massive accessories will look great. Go for smooth metal or earrings with a geometric pattern.

Hair Jewelry

The perfect hairstyle would be flowing hair on the shoulders optionally with small braids. These hairstyles should be decorated with chains, ribbons, and gold.


Wide massive rings on both wrists of the bride is a great solution for the Greek style wedding. They would effectively contrast with the simple style of the dress making a special part of the wedding look. A shoulder bracelet would look extremely stylish.

Wedding Look in the Style of Breakfast at Tiffany's

Charming Audrey Hepburn is an example of elegance, femininity, and cuteness for many women. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the famous films where she starred formed the basis of the fashionable look today. Wedding in the style of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a glamorous and quite difficult idea to implement. To implement it well, you either need to have an impeccable sense of style or trust a good designer with your look.


Models with large pearls or small, but certainly expensive and luxurious are perfect for the style of "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Neck Accessories

With this style, go for a massive necklace with stones or pearls.

Hair Ornaments

A satin ribbon, pins with pearls, or a tiara, richly decorated with stones, is a great addition to such a glamorous look.

Winter Fairy Tale

Wedding season is traditionally the warm season. But winter opens up new spaces to create an amazing and stylish look. The winter landscape seems to be a continuation of the white dress, and a fur cape can make the wedding look royally luxurious.


This look goes well with the classic style of white metal earrings with stones and interesting patterns. We recommend you to choose massive, long earrings, which will draw attention in a luxurious way.

Hair Ornaments

A veil does not fit with the fur wrap so you need to choose hairpins with rhinestones or white flowers. Also, a tiara would look great with this wedding style. Bracelets and necklaces are not recommended for the winter style. They will not be seen under the cape.


Boho style is a trend of the modern fashion. This is an echo of the freedom-loving 70s with stylish and original patterns opening up huge spaces for experiments. Boho got to weddings and became so popular all around the world that it can compete with the classics and shabby chic. The bride dressed in this style looks like a forest nymph: free, natural, and mysterious. She makes this look with a loose dress, often crocheted lace, sandals, hair down or casually collected.


You can choose small or massive accessories. The main idea is that there should be no shining stones. Boho style does not tolerate glamour and chic. It looks simple but expensive at the same time.


Boho was born in the days of hippies when it was fashionable to wear wrists bands. Therefore, the bracelets will fit this wedding look. You can put different types of bracelets of different hands and combine thin chains with interesting patterns. There is so much freedom for creativity!

Hair Ornaments

A thin ribbon on the head immediately reminds people of the boho style. In the context of the wedding look, pearls can be used. Also, you can choose flowers and wreaths.


Boho is one of the few wedding looks where you can use many rings along with the wedding one. This is a provocative style, which seems to refuse to obey the laws and prejudices.

Out of all the options, use only one or two together. There should not be too much jewelry. Otherwise, the look will be heavy and clumsy.

In conclusion, there are no ugly brides. For, regardless of the wedding image, the main decoration of each girl is the shining of happy eyes. Choose accessories wisely and live with your partner in love and harmony.